Celebrating a Milestone: 40,000 Lives Forever Changed by The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation

Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation
3 min readJul 26, 2023

The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation have cured their 40,000th patient recently in Nepal. Under the visionary leadership of esteemed ophthalmologist Dr. Sanduk Ruit and distinguished philanthropist Tej Kohli, the foundation has reached an astounding milestone — successfully curing their 40,000th patient! This achievement exemplifies the transformative impact of their grassroots interventions and their unwavering commitment to providing essential eye care.

Cataract blindness remains a significant issue, particularly in developing regions, where 90% of cases are found. The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation’s milestone serves as a testament to our tireless efforts in addressing this global challenge.

One of the most remarkable aspects of our interventions is the cost-effectiveness. With an average cost of just $50 per patient, we have achieved an astounding socio-economic return of 1,500% during the first post-operative year. Our foundation operates primarily in low-income and remote communities in Nepal, Bhutan, Ghana, and more recently Thailand, leveraging makeshift operating theaters in local schools and temples to deliver critical eye care services.

The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation was established through the visionary partnership of Tej Kohli and Dr. Sanduk Ruit with the aim of demonstrating the catalytic potential of large-scale, low-cost grassroots interventions in extreme poverty reduction. By 2030, our ambitious goal is to cure at least 300,000 patients of untreated blindness, leaving a lasting legacy of community eye hospitals in the areas we serve.

As we look to the future, we have exciting plans to expand our operations and extend our impact into new regions. This year, our interventions will encompass Ladakh, Mongolia, Indonesia, and more locations, in addition to our ongoing efforts in Nepal, Bhutan, and Ghana.

We understand the importance of partnerships and collaboration with local healthcare organisations, governments, and stakeholders to create sustainable impacts. By building strong alliances, we aim to amplify our reach and drive systemic change in ophthalmology.

The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation is more than just a beacon of hope for the blind; it is a force that empowers individuals and communities, providing them with the opportunity for independent and fulfilling lives. Through our transformative interventions, we alleviate the economic and social burden caused by cataract blindness, generating positive ripple effects throughout society.

We invite you to learn more about the groundbreaking initiatives of The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation and how you can join us on this transformative journey by visiting our website at tejkohliruit.com. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of those suffering from cataract blindness and bring light to the darkest corners of the world. Join us in this noble mission and be a part of the life-changing impact we create every day.

The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation is an NGO founded by Dr Sanduk Ruit and Mr Tej Kohli. It is part of their mission to create a lasting legacy of social and economic change across many isolated underserved communities in the developing world.

To find out more about the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation and what we do visit: www.tejkohliruit.com.

For more information on Tej Kohli as a philanthropist visit tejkohliruit.com and to read more of his views go to his Medium.

To read about Tej Kohli as an investor visit Kohli Ventures.

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Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation

The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation is advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goal to end poverty everywhere by making grassroots interventions to cure blindness.